It’s 1978 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. At the campus radio station, corporate clone bands and dreaded Disco Mania are brainwashing a post-Vietnam generation of apathetic youth. But new station manager Wade Russell and his Midwestern posse of punk rock pals are fed up and start blasting the campus with the Sex Pistols and Ramones. When they push the envelope too far the government threatens to shut down the station unless they pay a huge fine.

Desperate to save the station, Wade and his friends hatch an unlikely scheme to bring the British punk band, The Clash, to play at a fund-raising concert to raise the money. This sets off a wild and unpredictable series of events that force Wade to choose between saving the station or ensuring his future. The film explores that magical but complicated time between adolescence and adulthood—a time of dreams, passion and rock-and-roll.